In-Home ROMA Steam Bath

Did you know that regular use of a steam bath promotes a healthier lifestyle; because I did not! A 10 to 20 minute steam session per day allows your body to fully relax thus reduces stress throughout your entire system – leading to healthier lives! As you immerse yourself in the steam your heart rate will increase, which in return, circulates the endorphins (a body’s natural pain reliever) that are released to extremities, allowing muscles to recover at a faster rate. The moisture from the ROMA Steam Baths also helps to clear out impurities from pores, leaving you with smooth, soft, healthy skin.

Most units take several minutes to generate steam when powered on, where the ROMA Steam Bath generates steam within 60 seconds. The video below was taken to show first-hand how quickly the flash steam technology works and how dense of a steam it produces.


ROMA Steam Bath has designed their heating electrodes with stainless steel so they will NOT burn out, whereas other steamers use wire elements which corrode, foul, and burn out over time and usage. The steam tank used by ROMA automatically cleans itself after each use. Other units require back-flushing as a regular maintenance which becomes quite costly.

With a plethora of finish options available, assuring the ROMA Steam Bath matches your other bathroom furnishings will be a non-issue. Take a look at what is offered here.

Come into the Studio IL Bagno Showroom to take a look at how the unit functions and while you’re at it, step into the shower to have a unique steam experience!


SCALA by BainUltra

This freestanding Scala bathtub by BainUltra allows you to slip into a world of relaxation and luxury without having to travel anywhere – except to your bathroom. Combining the comfortable design with the Therapy  features, you may find yourself never wanting to leave!

Scala Satin Brass CloseupWith two different sizing options, the Scala bathtub has been designed with a wider seat, backrest, and headrest that helps you stretch out and into a relaxing position. Getting in, and staying in, the bathtub is the easy part, but getting out is where some might have a struggle and BainUltra has helped alleviate that issue by inserting metal armrests on either side of the lower inside portion of the bathtub.

BainUltra truly did a fantastic job at integrating modern-day functionality into this contemporary style bathtub.

    • Scala 6638 –  66″ Length  38″ Width  25″ Height
    • Scala 7242 –  72″ Length  42″ Width  25″ Height


For a better understanding of how this bathtub looks and feels, come visit the Studio IL Bagno Showroom and slip into the Scala bathtub on display, or any of the other 14 tubs! Don’t forget to ask about a tub-filler during your visit.

On the Studio IL Bagno website you can view more products we have to offer from each of our vendors. Each and every day we are adding more to our website and blog; so check back often!


Phylrich Faucets Are Totally American-Made

Truly Designed, Engineered, Forged, Cast, Machined, Finished and Assembled in The United States!phylrich basic wall

In an era when outsourcing has become the norm, Phylrich has opted to bring all of their manufacturing back home.  Naturally this transition required time and effort, but the results are beginning to show in quick delivery, attention to detail, and outstanding American-made quality.


MGS Taps: A Study In Quality

Every Faucet Produced Is Stainless Steel


MGS produces stainless steel faucets and hardware with an uncommon attention to exactness and detail.  The kitchen faucet pictured here, the Nemo, is also stainless steel with an applied PVD black steel coating.  The PVD process embeds the color deep into the stainless steel.  The result is an extremely durable, long lasting finish that is non-tarnishing.

Freestanding + 5-Foot = Perfection

blu halo 5 ft

We Have Been Waiting For This Design. . .

Blu Bathworks has announced the February, 2016, arrival of the new five-foot Halo Freestanding BluStone Soaking Bath in matte white.  BluStone is a solid-surface material, warm to the touch, durable, repairable, non-porous, and stain resistant.  The inside seating area is a sumptuous forty-five-plus inches, allowing most bathers the opportunity to unbend their knees.  The overflow is a narrow 1/4″ slit located up high on the drain end, allowing a generous 15 1/4″ bathing depth.  The bath, itself, stands 19 3/4″ tall overall, making it easier to step into and out of the bath.

If your space allows for a larger model, a 67″ Halo model is also available.  Both sizes are not lightweights:  The smaller bath weighs in the mid 200 lb range, while the larger weighs in the 300 lb area.  The baths ship complete with a polished chrome drain

Phylrich Faucets: Truly American Made

Phylrich Harper

If supporting American industry is important to you, you will be pleased to know that Phylrich is essentially all American-made product from Southern California. The quality is exceptional and the prices reasonable considering the character and impact of the product.

The “Business End” of a BainUltra Bath with Geysair

Geysair photo


The Geysair module is seen above installed on the left side of a BainUltra Meridian Bath.  The turbine is at the right with the yet-to-be-installed key pad attached.  Here is how the system works:  Air is drawn in through the bottom of the turbine, heated, and blown out at the top of the unit where it begins a journey up and down the backrest (that’s the squiggly course in the center of the picture).  Note that in doing so, the backrest becomes heated!  The heated air then enters the top of the Geysair unit, and is injected with a fine, metered spray of hot water supplied through the coil of hose on the far left of the picture.  (The hose in the picture has not yet been connected to the incoming hot water line leading to the faucet).  The addition of hot water to the air channel humidifies the channel air, greatly reducing the cold feeling of the air as it enters the bath.  The bath is more comfortable, the water stays hot longer, and the bather enjoys an extended massage without the inconvenience of having to add more hot water.

Create An Outrageous Powder Room!

White Coppa Front

The Coppa Hand-Blown Pedestal Basin by Vitraform.  Available in a host of colors and combinations, the Coppa is every inch a solid work of art.  Every basin from Vitraform is constructed in Denver, Colorado,  by a talented group of artists dedicated to absolute perfection.