MGS Taps: A Study In Quality

Every Faucet Produced Is Stainless Steel


MGS produces stainless steel faucets and hardware with an uncommon attention to exactness and detail.  The kitchen faucet pictured here, the Nemo, is also stainless steel with an applied PVD black steel coating.  The PVD process embeds the color deep into the stainless steel.  The result is an extremely durable, long lasting finish that is non-tarnishing.

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Studio IL Bagno is a decorative plumbing and hardware showroom in Salt Lake City. The showroom was established over thirty years ago when the "decorative plumbing and hardware" category was very, very new. Through the years the number of manufacturers and showrooms have increased at a staggering rate. In the light of the current economy, Studio IL Bagno has opted to align itself with a number of true industry leaders and innovators. The industry is awash, presently, with cheap imports, extremely over-priced manufacturers, and manufacturers who never entertained an original thought, existing solely by copying the designs and efforts of others. The goal of this blog is to examine this industry and its direction as it relates to serving its clientele in the best way possible.

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