SCALA by BainUltra

This freestanding Scala bathtub by BainUltra allows you to slip into a world of relaxation and luxury without having to travel anywhere – except to your bathroom. Combining the comfortable design with the Therapy  features, you may find yourself never wanting to leave!

Scala Satin Brass CloseupWith two different sizing options, the Scala bathtub has been designed with a wider seat, backrest, and headrest that helps you stretch out and into a relaxing position. Getting in, and staying in, the bathtub is the easy part, but getting out is where some might have a struggle and BainUltra has helped alleviate that issue by inserting metal armrests on either side of the lower inside portion of the bathtub.

BainUltra truly did a fantastic job at integrating modern-day functionality into this contemporary style bathtub.

    • Scala 6638 –  66″ Length  38″ Width  25″ Height
    • Scala 7242 –  72″ Length  42″ Width  25″ Height


For a better understanding of how this bathtub looks and feels, come visit the Studio IL Bagno Showroom and slip into the Scala bathtub on display, or any of the other 14 tubs! Don’t forget to ask about a tub-filler during your visit.

On the Studio IL Bagno website you can view more products we have to offer from each of our vendors. Each and every day we are adding more to our website and blog; so check back often!


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