In-Home ROMA Steam Bath

Did you know that regular use of a steam bath promotes a healthier lifestyle; because I did not! A 10 to 20 minute steam session per day allows your body to fully relax thus reduces stress throughout your entire system – leading to healthier lives! As you immerse yourself in the steam your heart rate will increase, which in return, circulates the endorphins (a body’s natural pain reliever) that are released to extremities, allowing muscles to recover at a faster rate. The moisture from the ROMA Steam Baths also helps to clear out impurities from pores, leaving you with smooth, soft, healthy skin.

Most units take several minutes to generate steam when powered on, where the ROMA Steam Bath generates steam within 60 seconds. The video below was taken to show first-hand how quickly the flash steam technology works and how dense of a steam it produces.


ROMA Steam Bath has designed their heating electrodes with stainless steel so they will NOT burn out, whereas other steamers use wire elements which corrode, foul, and burn out over time and usage. The steam tank used by ROMA automatically cleans itself after each use. Other units require back-flushing as a regular maintenance which becomes quite costly.

With a plethora of finish options available, assuring the ROMA Steam Bath matches your other bathroom furnishings will be a non-issue. Take a look at what is offered here.

Come into the Studio IL Bagno Showroom to take a look at how the unit functions and while you’re at it, step into the shower to have a unique steam experience!


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