Freestanding + 5-Foot = Perfection

blu halo 5 ft

We Have Been Waiting For This Design. . .

Blu Bathworks has announced the February, 2016, arrival of the new five-foot Halo Freestanding BluStone Soaking Bath in matte white.  BluStone is a solid-surface material, warm to the touch, durable, repairable, non-porous, and stain resistant.  The inside seating area is a sumptuous forty-five-plus inches, allowing most bathers the opportunity to unbend their knees.  The overflow is a narrow 1/4″ slit located up high on the drain end, allowing a generous 15 1/4″ bathing depth.  The bath, itself, stands 19 3/4″ tall overall, making it easier to step into and out of the bath.

If your space allows for a larger model, a 67″ Halo model is also available.  Both sizes are not lightweights:  The smaller bath weighs in the mid 200 lb range, while the larger weighs in the 300 lb area.  The baths ship complete with a polished chrome drain