Phylrich Faucets Are Totally American-Made

Truly Designed, Engineered, Forged, Cast, Machined, Finished and Assembled in The United States!phylrich basic wall

In an era when outsourcing has become the norm, Phylrich has opted to bring all of their manufacturing back home.  Naturally this transition required time and effort, but the results are beginning to show in quick delivery, attention to detail, and outstanding American-made quality.


MGS Taps: A Study In Quality

Every Faucet Produced Is Stainless Steel


MGS produces stainless steel faucets and hardware with an uncommon attention to exactness and detail.  The kitchen faucet pictured here, the Nemo, is also stainless steel with an applied PVD black steel coating.  The PVD process embeds the color deep into the stainless steel.  The result is an extremely durable, long lasting finish that is non-tarnishing.

Phylrich Faucets: Truly American Made

Phylrich Harper

If supporting American industry is important to you, you will be pleased to know that Phylrich is essentially all American-made product from Southern California. The quality is exceptional and the prices reasonable considering the character and impact of the product.